Review: The Knot Irish Whiskey Liqueur

The Knot Irish Whiskey Liqueur
The Knot Irish Whiskey Liqueur

The Knot, 50%, $24

William Grant’s answer to Drambuie is a much less sweet and higher proof Irish Whiskey based liqueur. Monster caramel leaps out of the glass with an undercurrent of cola. Caramel leads to chocolate on the palate before malt and grain whiskey undertones emerge. Midpalate is a little hot but it helps cut through the underlying sweetness, and also features some botanicals like juniper and black pepper. Clearly a mixing spirit and probably best thrown into a cola or ginger ale. 82 Points

  • GeezerFan

    Finally, someone knowledgeable! Yes, The Knot is a liqueur, (k)NOT Irish whiskey. Binney’s and BevMo both have it as an “Irish Whiskey”. My local Friar Tuck Beverage correctly displays it in the liqueur aisle since it is flavored with honey, herbs, and has sugar added. I knew I read Drink Spirits for a good reason!