Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey Review

Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey
Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey

It’s fairly rare at Drink Spirits to get something in and then have our staff polish off almost half a bottle within the first day.  Perhaps that’ll give you an indication of just how intoxicatingly alluring Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey is. Made from a blend of Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 Tennessee Whiskey and a proprietary honey liqueur, Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey is one of the more exciting new entries in the whiskey space since Maker’s 46.

Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey ($22 – 70 proof) – amber yellow in color, this liqueur looks a lot like a bottle of clover honey. The nose is sweet and spicy, with solid cinnamon notes and a light floral undertone. The entry opens with clear honey notes which is quickly backed up by a perfect level of cinnamon. There’s more spice here than heat and the spice is absolutely dialed in. The cinnamon fades in the mid-palate and gives way to a subtle milk chocolate note which lingers after a fairly swift finish. There’s absolutely no heat in the finish, and for a sweet honey liqueur, it impressively doesn’t leave a heavy residue on the palate.

Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey is one of the most drinkable whiskey-based liqueurs we’ve ever had. It manages to be sweet without stickiness, and it balances that sweetness with a lovely amount of cinnamon and spice.  We were very surprised when we find out that this liqueur is 70 proof, as there is almost no alcohol burn whatsoever in the spirit.   The Jack Daniel’s folks recommend drinking Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey chilled, which only serves to make it even easier to drink – it’s the kind of thing that leads to drinking half a bottle in a sitting.  Jack Daniel’s has simply hit a home run with this liqueur and we’re sure it will win a lot of people who are drinking or shooting other liqueurs. We also anticipate it being a bridge to whiskey for those who’ve never explored the category.  5 Star Review Highest Recommendation

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey is available nationally. Be sure to check out our Behind The Scenes: Making Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Barrels as well as our Jack Daniel’s Unaged Whiskey Review.

  • Justin Credible

    You just knew it was only a matter of time until Jack got into the flavored whisky catagory.
    I’m just not sure how why you consider it “one of the more exciting new entries in the whiskey space since Maker’s 46” when it is following in the footsteps of Wild Turkey, Evan Williams, and Seagram’s 7.
    3 very marketable brands that were in the catagory before Jack.

    • Makers 46 was out last year, so that statement means in the past year…

    • Bernie

      Justin I’m glad to hear your still the consumet Jack drinker! Miss you old school!

    • jersey johnny

      any1 know where to get jd honey in south jersey, perticularly the a/c shore area? have seen the evan williams, but, in my opinion, evan and its finer father, jim beam, are in an entirely different whisky family from jack. both are friends of my family, yet kept apart.

    • Nice review…I am a fan of the stuff! I recently bought a bottle & reviewed it on my blog as well. 🙂

    • Rodrigo

      If you want try a pure honey liquer, try Brandymel. It’s been around for over 55 years and it has something interesting US awards. It’s a pure honey liqueur with 54 proof aged at least one year in oak barrels that were already used in Port wine. It is sold accross the US by a company named Sarmento’s.

  • Rob

    Sounds great! Can’t to get my hands on some. The folks at JD do it again!

  • I too find the new Tennessee Honey *very* drinkable (chilled, at least. Haven’t tried it room temp yet).
    And in answer to Justin’s question, I compared it side-by-side with Wild Turkey’s honey liqueur, and as enjoyable as that label is, the JD Tennessee Honey is much better: Less cloying, not syrupy. It might be a tad less complex on the palate, but it’s a refreshing, enjoyable drinking experience.

  • John Daniels

    Jack Honey is amazing…not too sweet but it still taste like Jack!!!!

  • i disagree with the taste. it tastes like maple syrup on hot pancakes. correct on the smoothness. this is a dessert liquor.

    • j

      Strange taste buds you have… Do you smoke?

      • Who are you asking? No one on the Tasting Panel of Drink Spirits smokes. It’s a requirement to be on the panel that people do not smoke.

      • Ryan

        I agree with drincup. It has a very sweet syrup taste. This is why it is considered a Liqueur.

    • Bill Daniels

      I agree, felt like I drinking cold maple syrup, it’s in the after taste.

  • Steve

    Had it this past weekend at Bike Week in Arizona. Good chilled alone or mixed with a 7-Up or Sprite type of drink. Found myself going through them pretty quick.

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  • Lisa

    Bought this for my husband as he is a JD enthusiast. The bottle barely lasted a day between the both of us. VERY good. Thank you JD!!!

  • Rick

    I tried this JD watching the Masters,, As a mint Julip is a signature drink of the Kentucky Derby, this JD will become the official drink of the Masters!!

  • Bill

    Smooth as silk. Have recommended it to my friends.

  • Ivan

    First off, the aroma has a very caramel type smell, almost a toffee like fragrance. Very pleasing.

    Now for the taste… Mmmm very sweet and no harsh whiskey bite or burn. I agree with other reviews that it would be an EXCELLENT after dinner drink, With desert a PERFECT addition. Only after a few seconds you get that zip of a whiskey tang… Kind of like a greeting card to the sinuses that says “Jack was here!”

    Once again, Jack Daniels has NOT let me down. ENJOY!!

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  • The Dude

    Haven’t been able to find this in Texas.

    • Donna

      I was able to find it in East Texas at Fat Dog Liquors in Dogwood City.

  • JB

    WOW – Simply Amazingggggggggggggg! Seriously, you will drink this so fast, and then puke like I did, but I will do it again next weekend haha

    • Jim C

      How does it compare to Drambuie? My personal favorite.

      • Less sweet, not a syrupy and with more bourbon notes than scotch.

      • Fred

        great question. It’s my favorite too. Have you had a chance to try it yet Jim?

  • Eli Cash

    How much sugar per serving?

    • I asked the master taster about this and he didn’t have the info. Still working on finding out how much sugar/honey is in this.

    • Ruby Hackney

      I love Tennessee Honey Whiskey. But I have a dietary consideration. While I can have honey I cannot digest sugar or sugar products like cane juice or maple syrup etc…So please tell me if there are any sugar products in the above mentioned whiskey????

  • Ron Conrad

    I just spent a wonderful afternoon sitting at a outdoor cafe with my first taste of ” the Honey ” I have been a Jack man since Jump School 40 years ago, very nice addition to the family. The only suggestion I would offer is that the liquor stores who have purchased their own single barrel, get first distribution. The owners who have purchased a single barrel should be given a special treat !

  • tim

    I love jd and have for over 30 years,I also love other bourbons im kind of afraid of sweet jd but ill give it a try,I just hope I can recognize that very special jd charcoal filtered flavor,if not it will probably make a great bbq sauce.

  • Debra Willis

    I was born and raised just west of nashville but have lived in NE Ohio for the past 20 yrs on a recent visit home my brother had me try Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey since I am already an Old # 7 fan I absolutley fell in love with this I usually don’t drink Jack Straight or any other liquor for that matter but this has such a silky finish to it I couldn’t help myself we too polished off half a bottle before we realized it when I returned home I tried to purchase some of it at the local liquor store they said they had never heard of it I hope it makes it way around the country would be a shame if I had to go 600 miles everytime I wanterd some of it and it is just to good to keep it under wraps.

  • mike juliano

    I love the new jack daniels honey! It goes down very smooth and has almost no bite to it. Definitly one nice drinking liquor. It has a very nice smooth initial taste and once swallowed you get a very big hint of cinnamon. Can’t wait to take this baby to camp this weekend!

  • Tim Ramby

    I don’t taste much honey in it. I think it would be better with more taste of honey in it.

  • Chip

    This review sold me on trying Jack’s honey whiskey. I’ll pick up a bottle tomorrow. (I’m usually cautious of reading ratings before trying something once, so thank you for not being snarkily critical.)

    • Chip

      P.S. I’ll be back to DrinkSpirits for more reviews.

  • chuck travers

    disapointed:( sry i have been a huge fan of jack for years.i sip it and this honey flavor just doesnt do it for me.

    • yuck jack is not meant for sipping its meant for chugging getting drunk and partying naked

  • richard gregg

    where can we buy honey in palm desert, calif.?

  • lsufan

    I have been a big fan of Gentlmen Jack and #7 Jack…im curious about this…..i have a full stomache and not feeling so good…. so right now i dont think it would settle well…but sounds good…i will give it a try

  • John Harper

    Love my Jack, and just tried the new Jack Daniels Honey today, gotta say it is very smooth and enjoyable….it won’t replace my trusted Jack Black but will be enjoyed often.

  • Regina

    I just bought some. I really wasn’t interested, but then I took a taste of it went on with my shopping and the smooth aftertaste sold me. Good stuff.

  • Kenneth

    Had this for the first time yesterday I now have a new favorite whiskey. Jack Daniels honey in my top three!

  • Melissa

    Can anyone say how this compares to the Barenjager honey liquer? I love honey but that Barenjager stuff is SO sweet and syrup-like that I drink it on the rocks and cut with water (flat or sparkling) which is not a complaint, just an observation. In any case, I’ll be looking for this at the liquor store tomorrrow for sure.

  • Sinnister

    I was kinda hoping this was acrually honey since I don’t drink.

  • Mike

    Can’t find it in NE Ohio. Anyone know the release date for this around here?

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  • Dee

    i am a true JD girl, cant wait to play with his cousin.

  • George McNamara

    Being a JD guy I’m glad we’ll finally have a shot to compete with Jim Beam Red Stag (a pretty tasty treat!)

  • sunshine

    Really enjoy the Honey! Been a JD girl since I was able to drink…

  • JP

    Got two bottles today, only one left. Its tasty with gingerale 😉

  • Down Under

    I would have to say that given Wild Turkey American has been around for many years, Jack has tried to copy them – unfortunately not a good attempt. Lets remember that JD is not a Bourbon, so you can’t compare apples with apples really. I also found JD Honey tasting too much like a port or fortified wine added with whiskey added. Not one of your best JD!

  • Skip

    How does JD Honey compare to my current favorite Wild Turkey Honey?

    • JD Honey is less sticky sweet and has more spice.

  • taylor stizzy

    whats a good chaser to this drink?

  • kona

    Still to come to Kaua’i Hawaii, I’ve looked everywhere, alas but sometimes the wait is sweet.

  • Candy

    Where can we buy this Honey Jack by Fairfield,CA??

  • Mick

    I have been a loyal JD drinker for damn near 30 years, so I figured – Why not, let’s give this new stuff a taste.
    Guys…..you really missed the boat on this one.
    This is one terrible tasting drink. I’ve already dumped my bottle down the drain. What’s with the spicy cinnamon crap flavor? It’s supposed to be honey isn’t it?

    There was no need for this – Jack Daniels doesn’t need to try anything new when they have the BEST whiskey on the planet.
    Stick with what you do best and dump this honey trash.

  • shane

    Does anyone know if you can get jack honey in Australia?? or know anywhere i could import it from? cheers.

    • XavierS

      I’ve been at the distillery 5 days ago and i’ve fascinated by the bottle, couldn’t taste because is a Dry county.
      They say during the tour that they think to export outside USA for the next year.
      You need to wait for a while o go to the States.

    • mark

      I live in Sydney and im glad i just brought back a few bottles from the states, it was easy to find in vegas, local drug store had it on the shelf for 27.95.(plus local state tax of course)

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  • mary

    absolutely love this! i mixed it with lemonade (turkey hill brand, to be exact) and it was just perfect. refreshing and easy to drink. also, it did not leave me feeling sick to my stomach, which a lot of sugary things can do.

  • Ruby Hackney

    Any actual sugar or sugar products in Tennessee HOney Whiskey?


    Oh the Honey bee’s in he hive at Lynchburg must have worked over time to create such a smooth and refreshing drink as Tennessee Honey.
    My first bottle didn’t last long-try it yourself you’ll see why.

  • Steve

    Can’t wait till we get it here in UAE

  • Anthony

    I have just started checking out drink review websites like this one and the review is definitely spot on. I bought a bottle when it was available at my local store and I have to say I am pretty impressed. I got a little less cinnamon on my palate but you definitely get a quick honey hit and basically a less harsh regular JD finish. This is ten times better than the Wild Turkey American Honey which I found to be incredibly artificial tasting, like a honey/citrus flavored sugar free kool-aid mixed with some Wild Turkey. Jack Daniel’s did a great job with this and it seems like it will be a big hit as a chilled shot in college bars. I will definitely be back to drinkspirits.com for more reviews. Thanks.

  • Michele

    Oh wow this stuff is soooo good. Smooth and flavorful. Nice job!

  • mark

    i’ve been a JD fan for about 36+yrs, i never cared for the green, like jack black, gentleman jack is better, single barrel is even better, and i’m looking forward to trying the honey. i live in va, and haven’t seen it yet, but will keep my eyes open for my first taste.one of my brothers said he saw a tv commercial for it, and told me about it since he knows i love jd

  • Darryl Selby

    I been a JD fan for about 20 + yrs
    and still loev it
    so keep up the good please
    Thank you

  • Great reivew, DS.

    I probably had the distinct honor of opening, and emptying, the first bottle of Jack’s Tennessee Honey in the Philippines. A close friend brought me over my first bottle in May.

    Tennessee Honey, for me, is best on the rocks. It’s so smooth, my girlfriend even likes it. She has never been able to drink another JD product before.

    Carcar, Cebu, Philippines

  • Capt. Mort

    Old No. 7 Brand Sour Mash Whiskey. Best whiskey on the planet.

    Instructions; Sip neat at room temp. followed by a little good cold lager (Corona, Heineken, etc)

  • sbmor

    Definitely a mixer whiskey…so potent almost like a thick syrup with a really sweet and strong after taste…I love jack but I am not sure about this one! Sad to say but Seagrams honey accomplished this idea a lot better!

  • nathan

    Jim Beam all day! But some JD Honey sounds mighty fine.

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  • Capitalism is King

    Tried this for the first time last night and can’t say much for it at all. Waaaaay too overbearing for a liqueur. The only way this could possibly be enjoyable is to mix it with soda, etc., and that defeats the purpose of making a liqueur.

    This one probably isn’t going to be around very long. Too many competitors who have recently introduced a much better product.

  • the bones

    This swill is a defamation to american whiskey. The after taste makes me want to set an entire bee hive on fire, even though it’s not the bee’s fault. I hope Mr. Jack crawls out of his grave and does a 1 inch death punch into each of you fool’s who think this tastes good.

  • chris connolly

    Im been a fan of jack for years,when jack honey was introduced I did not wast any time to purchase it. I found that if you mix honey with Arizona green tea makes it like summer drink smooth . Pass it alonge

    • Donna F.

      Oooh that sounds yummy 🙂 thanks



  • TP

    JD Honey really isn’t as great as it sounds. Right off the bat, the drink is still very potent – very harsh, very hot, very alcoholic, both on the nose and mouth.

    However, a few things make it slightly easier to drink. For one, it has a %35 alcohol content, which honestly suites my palette just a tad better than %40, and this spirit also has a new flavor.

    The negatives, though, is that this whiskey is still very unsippable and undrinkable; the alcohol overpowers any interest or discovery, and the ‘honey’ flavor is more akin to extremely sour honey-flavored cough syrup. There’s nothing ‘tasty’ about this blend.

    The result is that this product is indeed slightly higher on the drinkable scale than normal JD, but the difference is truly small and doesn’t come close to making this product an experience for those with sensitive mouths.

  • Freakstar

    Wow, just on a flight. first time I have heard about this and it is absoloutely superb. You can smell the honey! Really nice.. I may give this to my mother for Christmas instead of Drambuie!

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  • W. Fletcher

    Been trying to find this drink in Augusta, Georgia, Where can I find it help help

  • daniel

    when is the release date for the uk. want to get my hands on some. an why is it so cheap in the us??

  • Kevin

    New Drink for the summer! Mix the cold Jack daniels Honey with the new Arnold palmer half Ice tea and half Lemonade drink. It is unreal! Be careful, it goes down like water!

  • Donna F.

    I have NEVER liked any brand of Whiskey. BUT…. my husband LOVES Jack Daniels. Last week we went to the Grand Opening of Total Wine and more and they had taste testing of the Honey Jack. My husband of course was right there enjoying it. The lady giving out the shots also had a container of “lemonade” It was just some “Simple Lemade” & Honey Jack. I thought well alright I’ll “try” it. Oh my gracious…. I LOVE IT…!!!! When I tried it I asked for another and told her I DO NOT like whiskey but this is GREAT…!!! This caused two other ladiess to try it and LOVE IT… 🙂 Thanks Jack for the Honey Jack

  • Monty

    Wow!!!! great taste Honey Jack today for first time to drink since I looked for Honey Jack a few month and finally got a pint of Honey Jack Daniel today….I will buy Honey JD…anytime….

  • Susie

    I’ve seen this around for a little while and I was rather curious since me and the hubby like to indulge in a little Jack & Coke from time to time. Bought the bottle at BevMO today and………soooooo tasty. This bottle will not last long.

    The folks at Bevmo said it’s flying off of the shelves. YAY!

    Be nice BONES. If you don’t like it, don’t drink it. 🙂

  • Royal

    I found it a little to sweet for my taste. But I applaud your atttempt to provide a new product.

  • 1idahogirl68

    Had it camping around a fire ; as yummy things like this should be shared. I think you should make this into a lipgloss. I love the aftertaste on my lips. I will happily be a “tester” . Have your girl call my girl~

  • Mike

    Sorry about this . I love Jd but did not like this Honey Jack. Please stick with what you do best.

    Mike Sioux Falls, SD

  • Keith

    Going to give it a try tonight. Bottoms up I hope to enjoy this as well as the single barrel. Let you know latter.

  • Sean

    I’m a big fan of Jack Daniels, so I picked up a 5th of this “tennessee honey” this evening. Won’t be buying it again. Too weak, too sweet, too “artificial” tasting. I can’t believe the high score this “whiskey” got in this review. This is the first time I’ve been to this site, but it seriously makes me question how reliable and accurate the rest of their reviews are. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinions, but this drink is seriously only for people who are easily taken in by gimmicks and novelties and lack true discernment in regard to fine spirits.

  • Katie

    Love Honey Jack and water!! Also trying several new cocktails using it. It is sweet but still has the great jack flavor!

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  • Jon

    My first time having JD was in the tennesee honey, great drink. I can’t handle straight whiskey,usually have it mixed, but, this stuff I can drink straight. I recomend this drink.

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  • Troy

    Yes I could drink a lot of this. However, I find that it is too syrupy (it is a liquor, that’s true). I will need to seek out the other brands to compare. I prefer to sip this JD at room temperature – adds a little complexity and a nice heat I would say.

  • Arvid Nergård

    Drank a lot of this smooth, delicious new brand from JD when I visited Nashville april this year. Sadly enough, the Honey has not reached the shelfs in Norway yet,but at least I have a VERY good reason to get back to the US.
    A splendid taste I really do miss!

  • Point Counter Point

    I tried some this over the weekend. It has a pleasant taste and was very smooth in my opinion as well. The bottle was at room temperature. That may have prevented the syrup consistency that some have experienced. Overall it was smooth and has a great taste.

  • Benjamin

    To be frank, I’ve never liked Jack Daniels, but a friend turned me on to this new honey variant and I am now a fan. It’s so smooth and pleasingly sweet without being sickly so. JD has hit a home run with this new product. Out of the several honey whiskeys I’ve sampled. JD’s is simply the best.

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  • Kathy

    Has anyone tried it in a “hot toddy?”

    • No, but that’s a fantastic idea Kathy!

    • Dave

      I was originally gonna buy this for the toddy, but ended up just drinking it on ice. Tomorrow I will try the toddy. Very smooth and very satisfying. I was glad that I was given it!

    • Jeff

      Have tried it in a hot toddy and it was fantastic….. Replaces honey very well.

  • Ghee

    I’m a huge fan of Jack Daniels,This is the very first I’ve heard of Tennessee Honey JD

    If anyone knows where to buy this on Guam,USA

    Please,Don’t hesitate to let me know.

  • I like mine in vanilla coke or with a strong ice tea. My wife likes to sip hers.

    I always thought this was the best of the recent honey whiskey liqueurs.

  • Rob

    I can’t mix drinks, everything is either straight up or with a splash of water so I was skittish in buying this stuff. I love the taste of Jack Daniels anyway but it’s the first time seeing this in the store so I grabbed it.

    Wow, great tasting product although I wouldn’t want to get drunk on the stuff. Definitely get the honey taste but still a bit on the sweet side. Great sipper for sure, pretty smooth.

    Will definitely buy it again 🙂

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  • Stark Iller

    i drank so much whiskey when i was young that i just got tired of it. when i tasted this stuff i fell in love. we finished hlf a bottle between 2 and 3 hrs. made a shot with TN Honey, UV cake vodka, and flor de cana rum. Called it a honey bee : D

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  • Vince

    Even at 47 I’m a lightweight drinker. I don’t like the taste of much, including beer, unless I’m in a certain mood. As tasty things go, this isn’t exactly a diet coke, but to have a drink, or in my case do a shot or two to take the edge off I think this stuff is great! I’ve been trying to get used to the taste of other things like JW Red Label, but so far everything tastes like gasoline. I’ll be buying more of this though!

  • Lucy

    I LOVE the flavor of JDTH – it’s become my all time favorite drink of the century! I’ve been perfecting my new high-ball concoction called the “Lucy Ball”.

    1 part JDTH
    2 parts ginger-ale
    twist of lime


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  • Raymond

    I’m drinking it right now and that’s the reason why I looked this review up.

    I think it’s too sweet for what people expect. To be honest, I expected a whiskey with a honey kind of flavor and not maple syrup with an alcoholic flavor.

    Don’t get me wrong, it’s not bad. Just saying that people link JD with whiskey and this isn’t exactly what, I at least, expected to taste after the first sip.

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  • darius

    the best honey liqueur is MANUKA GOLD but this is very good as well.

  • Mesh

    I haven’t tried this stuff yet, but I can tell you right now it won’t beat the awesomeness of Barenjager. That’s pure honey taste as a liquer and just a touch of spice. I do not work for them, just a fan.

  • Michele

    I definitely am not a drinker; I don’t like beer and if something has a strong alcoholic taste, you can keep it! However, I tried this on a particularly turbulent flight to calm my nerves (mixed it with the complimentary cran-apple juice) and fell in love! I recently found it in a neighborhood package store (southerners know what this is, LOL) and can honestly say that there will be a bottle of JDTH in our cabinet at all times!! 🙂

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  • Annette

    We spent time living in England and traveled to Scotland to do some tours to include the Whiskey Experience in Edinburgh. At one of the castles we samples some Bruadar. Now I am not usually a scotch drinker, my husband is, I like Jack, but that honey scotch whiskey was amazing. Only bought one bottle, what was I thinking?! It is smooth and incredible, but this is the closest I have found to the Bruadar. The JD Tennessee Honey comes quite close, I really love it, now yes, it is something of a girly brew, but come on, that is okay, it is a smooth drink! Cheers!!

  • JOE


  • James

    Im a single barrel drinker, so thought I would try this and must say I grab a bottle of honey now when I pick up singl barrel.

  • jas

    This is some great stuff. i just about drank half the bottle.

    this isnt too sweet and isnt like maple syrup. i wonder what you did to your tastebuds to have that issue, people.

  • Ace

    Does anyone know what stores sell it?

  • Adam

    A friend on mine mentions that this tastes like drinking a honey gram cracker. Is this about accurate?

  • Brian

    there is no or extremely little Jack Daniels whiskey in this product. is is grain neutral spirit with whiskey and honey flavor.

  • Lynn

    Got to say bought this when I was in the US last year. I am a massive Jack Daniels fan, but damn this is awful.

    I have tried it on its own, over ice, and with every mixer I can think of, nothing makes it taste good. There is nothing in this that remotely reminds me of JD. It’s far to sickly sweet with an after taste that make you want to go brush your teeth.

    Very disappointing JD. I will be sticking to the original from now on.

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  • Bobbie B.

    I’m not a whiskey man in the least. I could be considered a rum connoisseur.(Don Lorenzo being at the top of my list.) However, Tennessee Honey has brought a new lite to Whiskey that I thought never possible. No burn and sweet yet balanced. No wonder I’m on my 3rd bottle this month. (It’s the 9th of November) I don’t even do this with rum. Cheers!

  • Ian

    Hi, I’m a beginner to the fine world of whiskey and bourbon. Would you recommend this to someone who is still sipping a finger of bourbon with plenty of ice, or is it “too much” for someone who is slowly building up to the deeper heavier stuff?

  • tara

    My favorite drink! Mix a shot with lemanade and a splash of sprite! Drinking one now!

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  • Badshellycdm

    This JD with honey is a revelation. I have only had it as a hot toddy with lemon juice. It is absolutely delicious! I plan on playing with it and trying it with a lot of different mixers. It is absolutely not at all viscous, not at all sweet, just superb. Not a liqueur.

  • Young Buck

    JD Tennessee honey is awesome but it must be chilled just keep it in the freezer I drink half a cup every night and it goes so perfect. I honestly hope they never stop making this. I would love to see my son have a bottle of this in his fridge when he gets of age. I would prefer him to not drink period but if he does this is one to pass on to him. And for the people who don’t like it stop drinking it hot it’s 2013 get out them woods I don’t know if I would like it hot so don’t do it please. And it’s not something you drink just to get drunk. Drink it cause it makes you feel good to be a man dammit. So grow up and be the man your meant to be, and get yourself some honey

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  • marianne

    I love Jack daniels, however the honey blend is not 70 proof!
    I have just had ten shots and feel nothing. wanted a buzz. got a sugar rush and headache.


      I agree ! If I wanted a drink with high sugar I would buy Rum & mix it …Some might like headaches though.

  • Tagore dodger

    If you are still looking for this, it’s at Raley’s in Fairfield CA and in Vacaville! Served over ice, great-Chased by Dr Pepper is just awesome!!!

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  • Kathie Gerwin Urena

    Some JD Tennessee Honey on ice with a splash of H2O. Perfection.

  • John Doggett

    I’ve never been a fan of common whiskey, or whiskey liqueurs other than Drambuie, but after hearing favorable buzz about Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey I decided to give it a try. I must say that I was pleasantly surprised by this well crafted whiskey liqueur. JD’s Tennessee Honey has found a good balance between the anticipated sweet and tactile honey mouth feel, subtle spice notes and the counterweight of JD’s whiskey spirits. Honestly, with its compelling flavor and low alcohol this concoction is quite drinkable and begs to be sipped neat, blended with citrus, or a bit of clear soda. While, in my opinion, it’s a bit pricey for a domestic whiskey liqueur, Tennessee Honey has, nonetheless, found a home at my wet bar.

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  • Mocha Crosse

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  • George Jacques

    it’s really pretty good with oatmeal.

  • George Jacques

    Try it with oatmeal and a little milk for breakfast. lol