• Novo Fogo Cachaça Review

    Novo Fogo Cachaca

    One of the great spirit categories we’ve discovered since running Drink Spirits is cachaça . Made in Brazil from sugar cane juice, good cachaca has wonderfully vegetal and sweet tones, is easy to drink, and has a nice level of complexity.

  • An Exploration of Cachaça and Sagatiba

    Sagatiba Cachaca

    Before starting our journey with Drink Spirits, we had never heard of cachaça (pronounced kah-shah-sah) but our experience with it and Sagatiba have been so positive that we’re extremely happy to have discovered this easy drinking and flavorful spirit. As with cognac, cachaça is considered a region-specific product and cannot be produced outside of Brazil.  Brazil produces a staggering amount of sugar cane each year. In 2006, Brazil produced over thirty million tons of sugar cane, almost more than India and China combined. With all this readily available sugar cane, Brazil has the luxury of using the fresh sugar cane juice which is fermented and distilled into cachaça. Cachaça is often mistakenly labeled as “rum” (and a quirky US law actually requires cachaça to be labeled “Brazilian Rum”).  However, cachaça is its own unique spirit category with very strict parameters on how it can be […]

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