Crown Royal Maple Finished Canadian Whisky Review

Crown Royal Maple Finished Canadian Whisky
Crown Royal Maple Finished Canadian Whisky

The flavored whiskey category has seen explosive growth since the launch of Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey. Since then we’ve seen flavored offerings from Jim Beam and their Red Stag line, Bushmills Irish Honey, and even Barenjager, who added bourbon to their honey liqueur. Now Crown Royal steps into the flavored whiskey space with their first flavored offering, Crown Royal Maple Finished. This new flavored whisky brings together the traditional Crown Royal Whisky along with natural maple flavoring and a “maple toasted oak finishing process.” The finishing process involves soaking the whisky with American oak wood staves and chips that have been toasted to enhance the natural maple characteristics of the wood.

Crown Royal Maple Finished (80 Proof / 40%, $24.99) is dark amber in color and looks like a bottle full of maple syrup. Monster maple syrup notes dominate the nose and are accompanied by rich caramel, vanilla, and the faintest hint of oak undertones. The entry is sweet maple syrup (think pancake syrup), caramel, and vanilla but it quickly transitions in the midpalate with a rich and deep oak spice accompanied by allspice and a strong cinnamon note. The spice reaches a peak toward the end of the midpalate and then peters out for a long and oaky finish with a strong return of the maple syrup, vanilla, and caramel flavors. The maple lingers for an extremely long time on the palate.

Crown Royal has clearly learned the lessons from the flavored whiskey market space and created a product that is still clearly Crown Royal, but softened and sweetened for the early whisky consumer. The added maple flavors go hand in hand with Crown’s traditional vanilla and caramel, and the boost of the oak notes in the midpalate really help balance things out and keep this whisky from becoming overly sweet.  The integration of flavors is as strong as Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey (which set the bar for flavored whiskey,) making it one of the stronger flavored whiskies on the market. It’s also important to note that Crown Royal Maple Finished is still classified as a whisky and is not a liqueur – an important distinction and an indication that the sweet notes in the whisky come more from maple flavor than added sugar. Be warned Crown Royal Maple Finished has an extremely strong maple flavor profile. If you are someone who sees pancakes as a delivery method for maple syrup, this whiskey is for you!

With the big maple leaf on the bottle, Crown Royal Maple Finished may be the release from Crown Royal that gets people to clearly associate it with Canadian Whisky. Often the black sheep of the whisky world, Canadian whisky is one of the most misunderstood and most overlooked spirit categories. Drinkers often look to Irish whiskey for a light and drinkable whiskey experience when our neighbors to the north often are delivering just as pleasant a drinking experience, and often for far less money.

Put simply, Crown Royal Maple Finished is deliciously drinkable. With all the spirits we review at Drink Spirits, it’s rare for us to sit down and drain half a bottle of a spirit. Crown Royal Maple is just that kind of spirit. It’s sweet, flavorful, and easy, and at $24.99 it won’t break the bank.

  • gina imsick

    Crown maple is a waste….the sells will be a waste….the taste is awful…I can not believe crown put their name on that crap….I want my money back…..I will never ever buy that garbage tastin syrup again….take that crap off the market……its TRASH

  • Clark CrwonGreatness

    Better than Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey with the fact much more flavorful and Full-Bodied. I am a die hard Whiskey and Absinthe drinker with this as my favorite of them all right now. The first day I ended up drinking half a bottle the first day with friends telling me this is the best on earth. If you do not like Real Maple Syrup, Do not even try this due to it has a Moderate-Heavy Maple Flavor even after Mixing. I recommened it with Coke but straight a person has to be gentle with it.

  • Andrew Perkins

    I am a Crown drinker,for years. Thought I’d try a flavored drink for the holiday,based on the brand alone. Keep it. Don’t know how it rates with other flavored whiskeys, but I guess I’m a purist.Wasn’t good at all. Will stick to CR on the rocks or Reserve,or Extra,or No16 when I can afford it.

  • Stu Pidas

    If you like your whiskey to task like pancakes then be my guest. For me it was not good at all.

  • CrownorCC

    This (Crown Maple) is really bad. I love Crown products untill this one. I would like to know what to do with this stuff now. Tastes like brown sugar. Thinking maybe use in Irsh coffee.

  • mafiaking1936

    I’ve had a few flavored whiskies, and they all pretty much taste like rum. This one tastes like maple rum. I think whisky should taste like whisky, and adding other stuff just destroys it. I’ll sill drink it but, it’s pretty cloying. Won’t buy another bottle.

  • nttim

    I did not taste any natural flavors at all. It was like somebody poured some maple syrup into my drink when I wasn’t looking. It was to overpowering. I would probably enjoy it more if it only had a “hint” of maple flavor. Something isn’t right here, go back to the drawing board on that one.

  • Jennifer

    This product is not classified as a whiskey – rather it is classified as a flavored whiskey – which means that it can contain many things that a whiskey could not.

  • Bill

    This product is horrible. I’m a fan of every product Crown Royal sells except for this one. This tastes like whiskey-flavored maple syrup, not maple flavored whiskey. Will never buy again.

  • i love it

  • teen

    This is so nasty!!! cant find a mixer that will go with it either…

  • j

    google Crown Royal Maple cookies, enjoy not wasting the bottle if you didnt enjoy it

  • kdogg

    If its so nasty as everybody say it is why they can’t keep it on shelves in Virginia and North Carolina? Best tasting crown yet for the price.

  • jesdica

    this maple finish is awrsome creatrd s buffalo bleu maple crown burger that is to die for so lets give it s taste and make it ur siginature burger my name is jessica cato and my number is (770)744-6720would love to pass on the recipe it would be a best selling burger

  • Shawn

    I love my Crown Royals but I can not stand this sweet flavoring gimmick they did. But what I really dislike is that they stopped production of Cask 16 (an amazing finsihed whisky) for this cheap maple. I gave it an honest try once, but will never again.

  • AM

    I applaud CR for thinking outside the box. The market is shifting, as a bourbon-lover, I find Maple CR fantastic. I enjoy it neat after dinner or a coffee. I may stock up b/c all the haters posting here are going to cloud the opinions of more experimental palates. Try it! It really is the best out there. I love it, but make your own mind up.

  • Tracy

    I LOVE IT!!!!! Please keep it!! I think it is awesome! Very smooth and enjoyable. I am not sure why all the negative responces but I think it is GREAT!!

  • Bill Murray

    Some like it and some to not , here is my though, taste like maple so it is not to bad neat or on ice but still a little too sweet , i always drink crown and if no one wants theirs i would gladly take it off your hands , my dear wife though she was doind me a favour by picking me up a bottle of this at Christmas ,so this it what i do ,,,,,Tall glass 6 ice cubes 1and a half onces of crown maple ,,1 and a half onces of regular crown 6 onces of 7 up not to sweet with the maple favour , at the least you do not have to throw it out thanks

  • Rodarte Adolpho

    This crown royals is the good and have mucho alcohal ro make be loco.I dring it and get very angry and have a fights and now am in the troubles.

  • Matthew

    The issue here is expectation. This isn’t understated maple flavor, it’s an in your face maple explosion. If you don’t love the flavor of maple stay away fom this whiskey. For me it’s a home run. I love whiskey of many varieties and maple in many forms. I have maple candy, tea, sugar and syrup on hand at all times and now I’ll add this whiskey to the list. If you don’t feel the same this probably won’t be your thing.

  • Jesse

    I am a whiskey drinker (Jim Beam original and Glenfiddich being my favorites). That said, I also enjoy the flavored whiskeys as well. I have had Red Stag (didn’t like it) and Honey Jack (Love it) as well as Fireball (wonderful). I think Crown Maple is my favorite flavored whiskey so far. Crown really hit a home run with this one. The blend of maple and whiskey is a brilliant combination and I am amazed that there are so many people that don’t like it. The funny thing is, I’m not a big fan of original Crown Royal.
    All said, I would give it an 8 for flavored whiskey and a 6 for overall whiskey. Don’t thumb your nose at this blend, if your looking for a different shot for the ladies, this one will work!

  • gruhaha

    That stuff tasted great. I usually drink bourbon and I enjoy the taste of maple. So a maple whiskey fit perfectly.

  • canadianguy

    Discovered this brand while on vacation in Hawaii. Have always been a Crown Royal Reserve fan. Now my allegiance is switching to Crown Royal Maple. Fabulous taste over the rocks. Only issue is that I’ve started to drink more on a regular basis. We’ll see if I can temper that when I get home.

  • hemomancer

    Heard about this and had to try it. Unlike many other commentors, I thought it was simply delicious. Definitely Crown Royal quality but with a perfectly blended maple finish. All of my friends liked it as well as my roommate who doesn’t like much alcohol in general. Straight or with some cola, it’s heavenly.

  • shellylynn

    I absolutely love love love it!!!! It is the best!!

    • Gene

      Smart gal!

  • Don

    Great whisky to add to my collection. All you people that like this YOU ARE COOL and love to try things different. All you haters… get lost in your your every day boring life!! This is real crown royal (CR is the best IMO) with a maple kick. Perfect for the late fall and winter holidays! Also good for rainy spring/summer nights when you want that taste of a cool breeze!

  • Thom

    This whiskey is excellent when mixed in an eggnog!

  • jason

    The bad reviews make me chuckle. “Tastes like pancakes!” “Tastes like Brown sugar!” Wow, what a bunch of whiners. 1) This is a $24.99 bottle. 2) It’s flavored with MAPLE. For the morons who make syrup references: you’ve utterly missed the allusion to Canada. If MAPLE reminds you of pancakes, then you have never had real MAPLE, you obviously stick to store brand imitation corn syrup garbage.

    I was impressed with this whiskey and think the article hits it right on. Don’t expect magic, and for goodness’ sake don’t buy it to mix…it’s already sweetened and flavored, hence the name.

    Definitely Crown quality – the naysayers just have too much bravado to admit that they don’t know how to appreciate real maple. Definitely worth the purchase.

  • Layton905

    LOOOOVE THIS STUFF!!!! bunch of cry babies don’t even know what your talkin about!!!

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