Jim Beam Devil’s Cut Bourbon Review

Jim Beam Devil's Cut Bourbon
Jim Beam Devil's Cut Bourbon

The term “Angel’s Share” is a common term to describe the amount of spirit lost to evaporation during the aging process in a barrel.  Jim Beam has cleverly coined the term “Devil’s Cut” to describe whiskey which has soaked and become trapped into the barrel and is typically not used in the production of whiskey. This trapped whiskey is what makes bourbon barrels so attractive for use in aging other spirits, like scotch whisky, tequila and rum.  For their new Jim Beam Devil’s Cut Bourbon, Jim Beam has extracted this trapped whiskey using a proprietary process with steam and water and then blended that extracted whiskey with some of their regular aged bourbon.

Jim Beam Devil’s Cut Bourbon (90 proof $23.99) is deep amber in color.  The extracted bourbon carries with it a tremendous amount of tannins and color from the barrel, giving this whisky a deep, dark color. The nose is clearly dominated by strong oak tones with clear cinnamon spice and an undertone of vanilla and caramel.  It’s a bold and spicy nose, much more aggressive than the tradition Jim Beam. The entry is very oak forward as the oak notes explode on the palate. Things ease a bit by the mid palate and more of the vanilla and caramel notes find their way from underneath the bold oak.  There are some slight cinnamon spice notes present but they do battle with the oak and ultimately get lost.  The finish is fairly long  and dry with the oak notes really lingering.

Jim Beam Devil’s Cut Bourbon is clearly aimed at the bourbon drinker who loves oak. Some of the other flavor notes are overpowered here. The nice cinnamon spice on the nose gets decimated on the palate, and the caramel and vanilla have a hard time balancing with the oak.  From a marketing perspective, the release is pure genius. Jim Beam has done an exceptional job on everything from the concept to the bottle. While Devil’s Cut may not be for everyone, it’s an interesting exploration of the impact of the barrel on bourbon and a unique option for people who love the bold oak taste of a bourbon barrel.   Highly Recommended

  • SoulChorea

    Great review; I’m looking forward to trying this! I appreciated your closing sentence; gave me a good idea of whether or not I’ll truly enjoy it.

    • Thanks, that’s really our goal. It’s less about what we love or chose to drink and more about the quality of a spirit and putting the experience of it it into words so people can quickly decide if it’s for them or not.

  • scott

    they should have called it “the devils asshole!” because it taste like shit!

  • aaron

    Just tryed it. Could not tell much difference between it and regular Jim Beam. At $14.99 for a 375ml and $23.99 for a 750ml its way to over priced to buy again. Im stickin with my faithful Benchmark 8.

  • I just tried the new Devils Cut as well, while it was pretty good, I too couldn’t tell much of a difference between regular Jim Beam and the Devil’s Cut.

  • RM

    I bought and sampled it last night, before reading this review. I was so impressed by the strong flavor of this bourbon over the standard fare that I had to find out what made it special. Google brought me here. If you can’t tell the difference, you’ve learned a valuable lesson: You can now buy whatever is cheapest, because your pallet isn’t discerning enough yet to waste money on anything else. Wait a few years and try again.

    • TxMidniteRider

      I agree RM,
      This variety of Beam is very very smooth. IMHO- The smoothness is a cut above Beam Black and miles above (my fave) Beam traditional. Hats off to them!!

      Well done gentlemen!

  • I am an avid Jim Beam consumer. I know my whiskeys. Which is why I drink Jim Beam. Jack’s To sour, Crown,well the fact it’s Canadian & Blended is to sweet. But Devil’s Cut has that wonderful bolder flavor,the nose is spicer as well as the tongue. Mixed it’s flavorful but over ice it’s perfect. And add a good cigar,damn that’s a nice combination! But Devil’s Cut is not a drink all night in the bar whiskey, you won’t be able appreciate it.

    • I think you’ve really hit the nail on the head, this would be a good bourbon to drink with a cigar.

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  • michael

    I have been a burbon drinker for about two years, i drink a bottle every week, so ihave drunk alot of burbons while my favorite remains a BH and Makers 46 the devils cut is really a very tasty burbon with a nice punch, i’d say that if i did not know that it was a 24 dollar bottle i would think it was a much more expensive single barrel burbon, so for the haters i would recomment bud light.

  • Ironrider

    I like Jim Beam and saw this on the shelf and thought “what the hell?”. Stripping the marketing aside, if you close your eyes and take in the aroma.. you can literally smell the barrel. You can also taste the barrel. It’s not going to be my go-to, but it’s a damn fine diversion. Seriously, no hate here, I enjoyed it.

  • Mike

    Tried it tonight because it was on sale for $14.99 a 750 ml, and I’m enjoying it. It is a strong flavor that is unusual at first, but I think it’s a good whiskey for the price.

  • Just bought a bottle in duty free. I’m drinking this tonight now thanks for the review. Would you mix anything with this?

  • Irishserf

    Devil’s Cut one hell of a good whiskey. When your looking for a great sipping mate to go with your beer don’t overlook this heavenly taste.

    • Mestes

      Yes, but a good American craft beer. I’ve shared this bottle with Stone IPA, Oak Aged Arrogant Bastard, and Lagunitas IPA. The IPAs go great with it.

  • Josh

    My 2cents. I love Jim Beam Black for the money. I also love Buffalo Trace, and Four Roses single barrel (my favorite). Devils cut has a better nose than the Black more like the Four Roses or Buffalo Trace. It still has the Jim Beam character to it and is well worth the money. I have only tried it once unfortunately (I usually like going through a whole bottle over time before judging). It has that sweet peppery candy burst in the mouth, nice medium finish. Just what a bourbon should be. Highly recommended especially at the price. Which I could get it here.

  • jimmie matthews

    I enjoy iced bourbon, I LOVE THIS DRINK…
    I am a regular drinker of gentlemen jack, rebel reserve and makers mark…
    I do agree that if you plan on mixing this drink, is to pricy for for the benefit…. But if you drink it neat or with rocks THIS IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

  • Mark Owens

    Can I buy Devil’s Cut in Ft. Myers, FL?

    • Gavin Murphy

      Yes bought a bottle a couple of weeks ago at the Sweetbay on Colonial. One of my new fav’s!!!!

  • Jim White

    I am a regular bourbon drinker with Jack Single Barrel
    bring my preferred. This new bourbon has a unique and memorable aroma and is a wonderful bouquet of flavors on the palet. This has the quality taste to become a great hit.

    However, in fairness, that last 2 products that I wrote favorable remarks about were withdrawn due to lack of market share.

  • Can’t wait to try this stuff. Very intrigued to give it a spin.

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  • Jennifer

    I love it, definately buying it again. Its $45 in Aust.

  • marvin

    Bought some today and it is very good. Had it neat and on the rocks. Ill keep a bottle around!

  • J

    Great review, my friend made eggnog with this…GOES great with it also!! Loving the website and the twitter by the way

  • Jerry

    Bold nose,sweet caramel and oak right up front. These flavors carried all the way through with even more oak at the finish. Overall very nice. Seems something is missing though. There is no note of fruit, maple or burnt sugar that is present in more complex bourbons. Still a nice change up from regular Beam. My daily drink is Elijah Craig 12 year old (best bourbon under $25 IMHO).

  • Paul

    Well, I may not have a nose for caramel overtones and hints of cinnamon and oak, but I liked the taste of Jim Beam’s Devils Cut. For a 90 proof bourbon, it was very smooth, not sharp or bitey, just clean and crisp. I’ve not been a big fan of Jim Beam as my “regular bourbon”, prefering Evan Williams instead, but the Devils Cut will definitely be on my special bourbon list. Enjoyed getting some idea as how it is extracted from the barrel. What can I say, I’m a gear head at heart!

  • Mick

    Tried tonite myself for first time, over ice. Very decent, nice aroma and quite smooth. Next test is stogie and hot tub. Get back to ya!!

  • Mick

    Hey Jennifer where is Aust.? Is that Austria or Australia. It’s $23 in Georgia, USA.

  • thedishisin

    @mick please dude stop now you are making all Americans look like idiots and I know Georgia is a land of ignorance but keep it in state. Why did we even hook the deep South to the internet? Making us all look like dumbfucks.

    • Rev Trask

      You must be from New Fucking York

  • AnnfromAK

    I just tried a sip of this Devil’s Cut. It’s very complex, dark, and smoky. It reminds me of the spirits’ version of a dark, gooey combo of brown sugar and black amber — simply amazing. I agree with the commentator above when he said this isn’t something to drink all through the night. Alcohol usually will shut down the taste buds after a while, depending on the spirit. But little sips I can appreciate. I have some interesting project for this bottle I bought… I’m always finding ways to include spirits in my own type of cuisine. This will help me make a very wicked version of dulce de leche cake.

  • J. W. Huey

    I`m primarily a single malt drinker but was intrigued by the ads for this stuff; bought a bottle this evening and was pleasantly surprised. It`s not unlike a halfway decent scotch; smoky with LOTS of oak. I think it`s best neat; no ice, no water and a damned site cheaper than 16 year old Lagavulin. I may be a convert.

  • W.E. HOYT

    Any suggestions on how to mix Devils Cut. I’m usually a Canadian Rye and ginger fan but I have never tried Burbon before.

  • Dwayne

    I love it. I like it over ice and mixed with a little iced tea and/or lemonade.

  • Ubermann

    I am a regular scotch drinker and I just bought a bottle of devil’s cut. Love it. I am actually beginning to think bourbon has better taste than scotch

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  • Moleman

    I normally drink Beam straight up or on the rocks. Not (yet) so with Devil’s Cut. Devil’s Cut is good in dark roast coffee with caramel creamer. The oak taste compliments the coffee, and the caramel compliments the bourbon scent.