About Drink Spirits

About Drink Spirits

We started DrinkSpirits.com after noticing how many people order the same drink time and time again when they go out to a bar. The back bar with its rows and rows of bottles is intimidating and it’s often easier to stick with something you are familiar with than try something new.

We realized that there weren’t a lot of resources out there to help people explore the vast world of distilled spirits. There are few sites focused on helping people explore this amazing category of beverages.  So we started DrinkSpirits.com.

Drink Spirits has grown over the years and we’ve been fascinated with the story and context of spirits and enjoy not just reviewing things but bringing you the story behind it. We are also a fiercely independent publication and do not do sponsored posts or take money from brands to promote them (a very common practice in the drinks media).

Drink Spirits is a spirit ‘agnostic’ site which means that, while we have our favorite spirits, we believe that there are amazing spirits within ALL categories of distilled spirits and alcohol.  So if you are a Vodka, Whisk(e)y, Tequila, Gin, Bourbon, CognacLiqueur or anything in between drinker, we’ve got something for you to read here at Drink Spirits.

This is the staff of Drink Spirits:

Drink Spirits Managing Editor Geoffrey Kleinman
Drink Spirits Managing Editor Geoffrey Kleinman

Geoff Kleinman is the founder and managing editor of DrinkSpirits.com, an online magazine dedicated to covering the vast world of distilled spirits. He is a nationally recognized spirits columnist and staff reviewer for Whisky Advocate Magazine. Geoff’s work has appeared in dozens of major magazines including Playboy Magazine, Black Book, and Mixology Magazine.  Geoff is frequently cited as a leading expert on spirits and has appeared in the Wall St. JournalThe Atlantic, Yahoo Finance, and Esquire.  He has judged the San Francisco International Spirits Competition and is a current judge for the Ultimate Spirits Challenge. He is the founder of the Society of Modern Journalists,  holds BAR certification from the Beverage Alcohol Resource Group, and is a Kentucky Colonel.

Heather Kleinman Drink Spirits Executive Editor
Heather Kleinman Drink Spirits Executive Editor

Heather Kleinman is the executive editor of Drink Spirits.  Heather is an accomplished online magazine editor who has been featured nationally in publications like People Magazine and USA Today. Heather is extremely well known and regarded for her extensive work covering the fashion and cosmetic industry and was a dot com pioneer, launching one of the first sites on the internet geared towards women.

Whenever possible we taste our spirits blind and try them in concert with other spirits from the same category or class. Spirits we review are often provided by the manufacturer but we do not bias samples sent vs ones bought. We ultimately evaluate everything within the context of retail pricing. Some distillery visits are done and paid on behalf of visitor bureaus and some brands, but again this does not positively or negatively impact our content and evaluations.


What people are saying about Drink Spirits:

“This is fantastic. It’s a piece I will use to educate our team members on the malts!! I felt like I was back there.” Alex Conway, Manager of Diageo Whisky PR, Hunter PR,

“Our sales have doubled since the coverage on Drink Spirits” – Todd Leopold, Master Distiller Leopold Bros.

“Agreed, this is utterly unbelievable. You two really are rock stars – it just makes all our hearts sing to see this kind of journalistic integrity and passion.” – Danielle Ferris, Access PR, PR for Pernod Ricard

“You chaps seem to do a very nice job, keep up the good work.”, Mark Brown, President and CEO of Buffalo Trace

“I’m getting so many people sending me the article – you got a lot of reach, man!” – Paul Hletko, Founder, Master Distiller, Few Spirits, LLC

“Of all the industry related newsletters I get, yours is the only one I still read. Thanks for doing such a thorough job.” – Jon Santer, owner of Prizefighter Bar and former Brand Ambassador for Hendricks Gin

“I love the writing. This is one of the very few emails I get that I bother reading. Keep it up.” – Nicholas Jarret, Bartender  –  Bushwick Country Club


You can reach Drink Spirits via email at  editor (at) drinkspirits.com. We can also be reached at (617) 249-4947.   If you have a product to submit or pitch please see our submissions page.